11 Rambutan Leaf For Health Benefits

Rambutan is a fruit that has long had an admirer. It feels pretty sweet indeed leave a mark, so you’re not just going to taste just one or two seeds only. Maybe if you really like, please just sitting in trees and eating fruit rambutan as much.

Not only humans are particularly fond of this fruit. The ant is the most widely wandering in the area of ​​fruit trees and spending. So do not misunderstand when you climb a tree, which encountered was ants black ants. Quite often, when the fruits that have been downloaded, and then input into the plastic bag, the ants still looking for an opportunity to swarming.

The content of nutrients in the leaves rambutan

Rambutan leaf has a very rich and good efficacy for treatment and health. It turns content in it are polyphenols, saponins and tannins are very good for the human body. Some of the effects that caused the rambutan leaves alexiteric and aphrodisiac effects are very active in increasing sexual arousal.
Not only that, there is also a hormone rambutan leaves which are very good and effective work in reviving menoset or pigment cells in the hair color. This is what causes the rambutan leaves the most good for hair health and address the problem of gray hair.

It turned out that in addition to the delicious fruit, rambutan has other benefits. Namely in the leaves. What are?

1. Overcoming gray hair

The hair is graying due to the change in the melanin in the hair. Melanocyte cells that produce melanin cells can not afford a 100% working well, so that the color produced is no longer black. This happens because of their age who are no longer young. Indeed, there is no cure to block or reject his white hair. But the rambutan leaves have special properties, namely animate dead hair pigment. With bagitu your gray hair will be slightly resolved and pending.

2. Maintaining the health of the scalp

Healthy scalp is very difficult to overcome. Normally if you do not maintain her health, what happens is a problem in the vicinity. Like dandruff or the presence of ulcers. This can be prevented by maintaining the health, ie with herb leaf rambutan.

3. Keeping the hair to thrive

Hair that grows and develops around the scalp for the worse will grow up healthy. So if you want your hair nice, fix your scalp first. Nice scalp will grow hair smooth, black and thick. Is not it the dream of every woman has a hair shaft like that?

4. Preventing hair loss

Healthy hair and scalp well, will give birth to a strong hair shaft. Therefore, if you have a problem regarding easy loss and hair breakage, one of them by the hair to maintain healthy skin. With so hair loss can be overcome. Even if you are healthy scalp, the hair will grow lush and more.

5. Blacken hair

Your hair red? Indeed, if you are too much under the blazing sun will make the hair becomes limp and flushed. Therefore, you need to menajaganya with a few more extras. One of them by applying herb leaf rambutan. Here’s how:

Rinse a few leaves rambutan
Tumbuklah leaves until tender
Pour a little water while in mashed, then dip eras
Rub the juice results to all parts of the hair
Do it regularly after bathing
6. Reduce headache

Another benefit that is generated by rambutan leaf itself is able to reduce or relieve headaches. Because nutrition is derived able menenagkan nerves that relate directly to the affected part, so effectively the pain able reduced.

Top For Headaches
7. Treating fever due to influenza

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Treatment using rambutan leaf is also active for treating fever that caused the symptom for the disease of influenza. This is already common practice in the State of Malaysia, especially in the tribal Lubuk Ulu Legong, Keddah area. Inside there is the content rambutan leaf content alexiteric and tonic.

8. Increase sexual desire

If your partner feels less enthusiastic in sexual intercourse, you can treat it with herb leaf rambutan. Because the content generated is an aphrodisiac that could stimulate the hormone to increase appetite and sex drive.

9. Treatment of diabetes

In the treatment of diabetes capable treated using rambutan leaf stew.

Top Herbs For Diabetes
10. Effect of anelgesik

Rambutan leaf has merit as anelgesik substances or painkillers. This substance is very effective work on the part of the peripheral nerves and nerve centers to help the brain interpret the changing perception of ‘pain’. Remarkably pain reliever that is produced by the leaves hair not leave addictive effects.

11. Helps overcome digestive disorders

Rambutan leaf is also good and effective in dealing with indigestion. Substances contained in it is very good to help your digestion. It is already widely used and applied in traditional medical science in the Philippines.
In addition to the leaves rambutan, actually other body parts are also very rich and nutritional benefits. For example in its own good rambutan fruit pulp mauun skin. Also on rambutan tree trunks and roots.

Rambutan fruit skin: able to overcome thrush
Decoction of the roots of trees rambuan: treat fever
Rambutan: meningkatlkan production of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and white blood cells (WBCs), low in calories, a good production of enzymes for metabolism
That’s some of the benefits produced by the fruit, leaves, roots, and rambutan fruit skin. May be useful


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