usability leaf elephant trunk

sabah snake grass, daun belalai gajah, pokok penawar kanser, sabah clinathus nuthan

Principal elephant trunk believed to have efficacy in treating diseases such as cancer of Uterine Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lang Cancer, Leukemia Patiens, Dialysis Patiens, High Blood, High Uric Acid, Diabetes and more.
In thailand elephant trunk is used as an ingredient to treat skin diseases. Extracts than fresh leaves are used to treat rashes kulit.Malahan extract of this plant is also used in creams that swept the body when exposed to chickenpox (chicken pox) .Ekstraknya also used to treat dermatitis It is also used as an antidote to the venom of a snake bite. No scientific study indicates that while this plant extract does not provide direct tindakbalas against snake venom, but when given orally it would lengthen the entire period survive mice that had been injected with snake venom
sabah snake grass, leaves of an elephant’s trunk, the principal bidder cancer, sabah clinathus nuthan
Cara2 juicing leaves trunk @ sabah snake grass
fill half @ a cup of water in a blender
enter 2 @ 3 ice cube if you like
add half the lemon juice 1/4 seed @
sign leaf elephant trunk that had been cleaned by stage as above. Evasive flush with water pipes
fill grain green apple discarded skin and seeds and cut in 8
blend smooth and continued drinking. Do not allow more than 5 minutes because the properties will be lost
if the body feels cool, mix in a bit of sliced ​​ginger
Fastest memorable if taken at 4 am
During drinking juice elephant trunk it should be a little abstinence with makanan2 such as sugar or food that is sugar, honey, mackerel, 7 angled fish, ray fish, chicken, duck meat, taro, rice sticky rice, butter or planta, durian, nest birds, ginseng or other herba2 mana2. Cuba abstaining while to see results from the leaves of an elephant’s trunk


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