Benefits of Basil

manfaat daun kemangi

Benefits of Basil
Blood flow, basil leaves can consume blood flow due to magnesium was contained in basil helps make the heart and blood vessels to relax and blood flow in the body will remain smooth.
Benefits of Basil To prevent infertility, it turns basil contain substances that arginine is used to make sperm vitality is getting stronger, his course to prevent infertility.
Maintaining the health of the heart organ, this leaf contains magnesium and beta-carotene for heart health, this is an essential mineral that is needed by the heart.
Treat canker sores, canker sores for those of you who could soon be cured, chew benefits of basil leaves and eat and drink warm water, do three times a day and see the results.
Boost immunity, to improve the immune system can consume basil leaf properties, it turns out this is because it contains beta carotene which serves to increase the antibody response, beta carotene can also repair damaged cells.
Helps bone development, may also help the development of our bones, because the benefits of basil leaves contains phosphorus and potassium are both in the formation and development of your bones, and leaves can prevent bone loss.
To treat tinea versicolor, tinea versicolor can also smooths the way disembukan with basil leaves should be washed clean, mix with a few whiting and apply on the affected part of phlegm.


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