Benefits of Moringa Leaf

Manfaat daun kelor

The World Health Organization recommends for children and babies still in its infancy because the benefits to consuming Moringa leaves are very good, because it contains:
It is known that it contains three times the Potassium in bananas.
Calcium also contains four times more than milk.
And also in the know have seven times more Vitamin C than oranges.
Contains Vitamin A four times more than in carrots.
Also had two times the protein of milk.
the benefits of Moringa leaves
It was this organization that crowned as the miracle tree Moringa tree after doing some research and find out the benefits of Moringa leaves was credited as health carers can be obtained at a low price for 40 years in the poorest countries in the world. and follows efficacy of Moringa leaves.
Allergies, to cope with allergies, take three handles and boiled, fennel pulasari taste, plus one spring onions, and added to the water as much as three cups, boiled until the water boils and the remaining roughly two glasses, then filtered and drink daily routine ,
Herpes, ringworm and suppurating wounds, grab the handle of Moringa leaves last seven tumbuklah until smooth and then diitempelkan on the problematic part, Fruit Benefits Leaves.
Sore eyes, take three handles and then mashed until smooth and add one cup of water, stir thoroughly, and let stand until the waste settles to use the water for eye drops.
Benefits of Moringa leaves for rheumatism, stiff, sore, take two handles and whiting as much as half a tablespoon and then mashed into powder, after a fine rub on sore body parts as a param.
Eliminate facial blemishes, take a couple of young leaves, mash until very smooth then used for powder or can be mixed with the powder.


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