Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health and Beauty

Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health and Beauty – Soursop is a plant that comes from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. In some places in Indonesia, also known as soursop manalika. In addition to the delicious fruit, soursop leaves also turned out to have many health benefits. Want to know what are the benefits of soursop leaves? let’s go read!

Manfaat Daun Sirsak Untuk Kesehatan dan Kecantikan, Khasiat Daun Sirsak, Mencegah dan Menyembuhkan Kanker Mencegah dan menyembuhkan kanker payudara, prostat, paru-paru, pankreas Mampu menghambat pertumbuhan bakteri jahat Membantu menghambat mutasi gen Membantu menghambat perkembangan virus Membantu menghambat perkembangan parasit Membantu menghambat pertumbuhan tumor Membantu merileksasi otot Sebagai obat anti kejang Membantu meredakan nyeri Mampu menekan peradangan Menurunkan kadar gula darah Menurunkan demam Menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi Menguatkan saraf Membantu menyehatkan jantung Membantu meningkatkan produksi asi pada itu hamil Membantu melebarkan pembuluh darah Membunuh cacing parasait Mengurangi stres Menguatkan pencernaan dan meningkatkan nafsu makan Menghambat pengkriputan kulit Mengobati Bisulan

Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health and Beauty
Efficacy Soursop Leaf For Health

Do you know?
Turns soursop leaves 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy kehasiatnya womb and in preventing and treating cancer. It has been proved Based on research done by scientists. Around 1965, a variety of scientific studies prove that the leaves of the soursop has properties that are better than chemotherapy, even the extract can slow the growth of cancer. The National Cancer Institute has conducted a scientific study whose results stating that the stems and leaves of the soursop effectively to attack and destroy the cancer cells in the body. This happens because of the very high proactive compounds in soursop leaves for our bodies. The compound is a compound that rare / hard to find in other plants.

Even the Korean state has also conducted research on soursop leaf and they found chemical compounds that act selectively kills colon cancer cells as well as 10,000 times more potent as a chemotherapy drug that is found in soursop. But behind the efficacy of this compound turned out to selectively choose the target cancer cells so as not to damage healthy cells. [Http://]

Of the few studies that have been conducted by scientists of the above, it was found that various properties of soursop leaves. Want to know what? please refer to a wide range of health benefits of soursop leaves for the following:

Several Efficacy Soursop Leaf For Health:
Preventing and Curing Cancer
Prevent and cure breast cancer, prostate, lung, pancreas
Is able to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria
Helps inhibit gene mutation
Help inhibit the progression of the virus
Helps inhibit the development of parasite
Helps inhibit tumor growth
Merileksasi help muscles
As an anti-seizure medications
Helps relieve pain
Able to suppress inflammation
Lowering blood sugar levels
reduce fever
Lowering high blood pressure
strengthens nerves
Helps nourish the heart
Helps increase milk production in the pregnant
Helps dilate blood vessels
Kill the worms parasait
reduce stress
Strengthen digestion and increases appetite
Inhibiting skin pengkriputan
treating a boil

How to Treat Cancer with Soursop Leaf (etc):
Provide 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green), then boiled in 3 cups of water and wait until the remaining 1 cup. After that drink 2 times per day for 2 weeks / until your illness is completely cured. To determine whether there is progress or not, please consult with a physician.

How to Treat Wounds with Soursop Leaf Affairs (ulcers, scars, etc. fall.):
Provide Sirak leaves to taste, then mash until smooth, or it could be blended. After that stick to the tubuhh / skin hurt badly or boil.

How, amazing is not it? For those of you who have a family member suffering from cancer, therapy may soursop leaf could be the solution. Try to regularly consume soursop leaves boiled water, while melaukan investigation into the doctor so you can know how it goes. Who knows we can recover without the expensive cost.

That information around 23 Efficacy and Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Health and Beauty. Hopefully this article can provide benefits. We are sorry if there are flaws in the writing and so forth


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