In addition to potent anti-cancer as well as, in fact, the soursop leaves is also effective to overcome the problem of gout, Alhamdulillah already showing the benefits of soursop leaves boiled water to handle uric acid.

Yupss .. BNR old org bgt .. .. sdh sy UDH Prove Dr. 3tahun ago aer rbusn consume soursop leaves regularly mnumnya cpt .. .. tnpa efk smbuhnya smping n pnharuh the others .. cume Quote dibiarkn old trlalu wrna aernya AKN switch sprti aer n comberan NGK felt bad .. jd klo mo drinking during msh aernya hngt2 nail n drunk one breath .. nggk ad ap2 sense really. Bnyk hypertension boondoggle .. cancer .. .. .. cholesterol urt acid n lain2 .. slmt cobaaaa

Uric acid is a substance purine running because there is very exaggerated, the kidney will not remove it from the body until menumpuklah in the joints.

You may only impose themselves with all the powers that be but nonetheless still felt to be very uncomfortable.

Soursop Leaf Processing Steps to Overcome Gout

1. Take 10-15 leaves of the soursop, Clean leaves. Optimistic no dirt on the leaves. You can use vegetable cleaning fluid to clean when it leaves.

2. Put the leaves that have been washed earlier to the containers to boil. Pour enough water until it is submerged everything soursop leaves.

So, enter the soursop leaves the container to boil from the beginning you will boil the water, when the water is not boiling.

3. Boil always soursop leaves it up to the water in the container was left more or less about 2 cups only.

The amount of time the water has reached boiling system that already can be stopped

4. As long as you have not been drinking boiled water soursop leaves earlier, let the boiled water is always there in the container, no need to separate the water from the leaves of the soursop was boiled before

5. Consumption of the cooking water 2 times daily, preferably morning and evening

By consuming soursop leaves boiled water on a regular basis so it does not mean you are free to consume any type of food. The disease is generally due to lifestyle patterns related to food, but also be genetic.

You are more at risk of developing gout in the family if you have no story of this disease. Therefore, it’s good if you come to power Mendis professionals to carefully / test uric acid content as a form of treatment early.


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