Type Efficacious Drug Leaves You Need To Know

Type Efficacious Drug Leaves You Need To Know
Leaf type Efficacious Drug You Need To Know
– Leaves Efficacious Drug
Leaf type Efficacious Drug You Need To Know – Maybe in a previous post each medicinal plants has been discussed one by one, but it would not hurt if this then on I refresh with exposure to more simple, and there are several praktis.Berikut medicinal plants.

The part that is used in the treatment is the leaves, we just see one by one type of leaf that is efficacious drugs, as follows:


Papaya plants growing and is found in many areas ground water kita.Daun Papaya in general we eat as a salad or disayur.Adapun substances contained in papaya, among others alkoida Karpin, glucoside, karposioda, a little resin, and Lazin proteolytic papain.

Papaya leaf as a medicine to cure fever, dysentery, and as a stimulant spirit with a minimum dose of 0.5 mg to 4 gram.Baca previous post “a million properties and benefits of papaya”


Ketepeng plant commonly called ketepeng Chinese, many of them grown in our country, especially in Java, Maluku, and this leaves Menado.Daun-tanners contain substances and bitter substances with properties to cure fever and illness commonly used kulit.Dosis between 200 mg-500 mg.Posting previous “benefit ketepeng”


Cumin plant grows in different regions kita.Daun cumin ground water has a lot of substance content, ie about 0.2% essential oil, karvokol, isopropik-okresal, and potassium to 6.4% .daun cumin efficacious to cure cough, mules, and sariawan.dosisnya approximately 3 g – 6 grams.


Kemuning plants grown in different regions, especially in Java and Java yellow Timur.Daun containing substances uwayin glucose, essential oils, resins, and intermediates yellow penyamak.daun excellent for treating diseases gonorrohoe with the dose does not exceed 2 gram-5 gram.

Cat whiskers

This plant grows in various regions in Indonesia and usually grow in a somewhat basah.Dalam utilize leaf cat whiskers usually utilized while berbunga.kandungan substance, namely essential oils and potassium (0.6 to 3.5%) is required as the material will drugs for meperlancar discharge of urine / pee at a dose of 1-2 gram.Baca also previous post “cat whiskers and benefits”


Betel leaves have been traditionally used by older people kita.Daun usually grow in the yard and merambat.daun betel contain essential oils, klavikal, seskriterpen, diastose, tanning agents, sugar, and pati.Daun betel can be used as a cough medicine, antiseptic, mouthwash, and also great usefulness for-feeding for mothers who just gave birth by immersion in hot water.


This plant grows in many regions of our country, especially in areas of the circumstances sejuk.Pada most people know of the fruit, but the leaves have properties to obat.kandungan substances in the leaves, among others: alkali metals, alkaline earth salts , citric, Molat, sugar, and pektin.Daun is efficacious as a drug candidate or meperbanyak facilitate the discharge of urine.


tumbub randu plant widespread in the country kita.Sebagian people just consider this saja.namun fruit, the leaves of this plant is nutritious for the drug.

Leaf cottonwoods carbohydrate-containing substances, tanning agents, and resin pasif.Daun randu very good for diarrhea medicine and kumur.Dosis drug commonly used is 2-10 grams.


Greeting many plants grow in various regions in Indonesia.Penduduk we generally use the leaves as a flavoring agent masakan.Zat contained in the leaves is the essential oils and substances penyamak.Daun greetings can also be used as a drug candidate astringensia denagn common dose between 5-15 mg.


Guava plant grows in many regions in the country kita.penduduk mostly concerned with the fruit, but the leaves also appeared to have medicinal value which baik.Daun-guava leaves berkandungan tanning substances, volatile oil containing greenish egenol, fatty oils , resins, and salts mineral.Daun guava efficacious to cure diarrhea and astringensia.


Plants are already known by the population in our country, especially as minuman.kandungan substance on the leaves of the tea is caffeine, tatin, and a little oil atsiri.Daun tea, as well as for refreshment drinks, also berkhhasiat for drug antidote in poisoning by metals weight and leaf buds following alkaloida.Petiklah 2-3 leaves in bawahnya.Gulunglah then give it to the patient.